Via Bernina 7 – Milan to anticipate the future

Ricci S.p.A. was awarded the renovation works of the complex in Via Bernina, 7 which marks the beginning of the redevelopment project of Scalo Farini.
Ricci S.p.A. has been chosen by Kryalos SGR as General Contractor for the important renovation project of the building complex in Via Bernina, 7, which marks the beginning of the redevelopment of the Scalo Farini area in Milan.
of the Scalo Farini area in Milan.

The project is preparing to be the first step towards the general redevelopment of the entire area, which will see the construction and activation of a mix of urban functions and green areas that will extend over
more than 300,000 square metres.

The design by Il Prisma is based on a pioneering vision of open dynamics that will make the Via Bernina, 7 complex an open system in dialogue with the present and future external context.

All the interior spaces will be transformed into state-of-the-art offices that will improve the daily lives of workers; the exterior will see profound improvements not only on an architectural level but also in the biodiversity of the green squares and the eco-sustainability of the entire building.

Ricci S.p.A., which has made sustainability and urban redevelopment its core assets, has embraced this project from the earliest stages.
The well-established relationship between Kryalos SGR, one of the most active players in the Italian real estate market, and Ricci S.p.A, one of the leading construction companies in Italy, is confirmed by one of the most important urban redevelopment projects of 2021 for the city of Milan.

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