Silvia Ricci new President of the Gruppo Giovani di Assimpredil Ance for the three-year period 2021-2024

Ricci: “We must be wise transformers of the territory in which we operate The art of building must be the union between the environment and man”.

Milan, 18 May 2021 – “We builders have the responsibility of being custodians of the environment that surrounds us and wise transformers of the territory in which we operate: this commitment is particularly embodied and felt by the Young Entrepreneurs of Assimpredil ANCE, who represent the future of our sector”. These are the words of Silvia Ricci, who was elected today President of the Assimpredil ANCE Young Building Contractors Group for the next three-year period (21-24).

“We want to create a bridge between the generations through technological innovation, which will increasingly occupy a prominent place in the growth and competitiveness of our companies,” said Silvia Ricci, “which have the ambition of being precursors of change, in an area that is receptive to stimuli and initiatives for national and international development”.

The involvement of young companies and young entrepreneurs will be fundamental to bring new life to the Association and to ensure the comparison and continuity of ideas, constituting one of the primary objectives of the three-year commitment of the new Young Group’s Board of Directors.

With enthusiasm and energy,” concluded Silvia Ricci, “I am proud to take on this important task with the entire team of the new Young People’s Group Board of Directors, thanking those who preceded us for the excellent work they have done, united in pleading the causes and requests of the construction industry, with the approach of young minds that know how to dream and achieve.

“Luca Asti, outgoing President of the Assimpredil ANCE Young People’s Group, said: “I leave our newly elected President Silvia Ricci a baton full of expectations, but also the certainty of a Young People’s Group that will be at her side to support her and give the Association an original contribution.

“The Youth Group represents the most innovative force in our Association, which must contribute to the development of a vision that is more focused on growth and the future,” said Marco Dettori, President of Assimpredil Ance. “I would like to thank Luca Asti for his work as President and I am sure that Silvia Ricci, together with her team, will be able to tackle and win the challenges that will arise over the next three years, supporting the Association in relaunching the sector after the pandemic tragedy.

Silvia Ricci will be joined by Vice President Luca Casati and Board members Marco Bongermino, Violetta Breda, Daniele Gritti and Anne Shari Napoli.

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