A building site that is a model for Real Estate – Silvia Ricci tells us about Ricci Spa’s projects and dreams

The building site as a model of regeneration, of integration with the neighbourhood and an example of circular economy: this is one of the objectives of Silvia Ricci, Managing Director and second-generation entrepreneur of the construction company Ricci Spa and member of the young Assimpredil ANCE Board of Directors, who was busy launching the new corporate strategy and illustrating the mission of one of the most important Italian general contractors, on the market since 1986. A company that wants to grow further in the future, winking at property development, but which has already established important partnerships and collaborations in the short term to innovate in the construction sector.

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Scarica l’intervista completa fatta a Silvia Ricci, nuovo Consigliere Delegato di Ricci S.p.A.:  Su Il Settimanale de il Quotidiano Immobiliare – Daily Real Estate

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