Generali Real Estate handing over to the Municipality of Milan the new "Theater for Infancy and Adolescence"


The 27th of july 2017 was delivered the new “Theatre for Childhood and Adolescence” designd by architect Italo Rota, realized by Generali Real Estate S.p.A. and built by Ricci S.p.A.

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Flexibility and a strong connection to your needs, through decision-making immediate prospects and direct communicability between You and Us.

Task force of a large number of workers employed directly.

Strong specialization in the anti-seismic and important innovation projects in the sector.

Reliability Rating 2 recorded by a leading rating agency Dun&Bradstreet Cribis.

Company balance sheets certified by PriceWaterhouse&Coopers.

Adoption of the organizational, management and control in accordance with D.L. 231/01


RICCI S.p.A., impegnata costantemente a migliorare le proprie performance attraverso “l’attuazione” dei principi di qualità.

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Lavori Eseguiti

Ricci S.p.A. opera da da più di 25 anni nella progettazione, realizzazione, ristrutturazione e manutenzione nel comparto edile.

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