The Digital Revolution of Planning and Planting: New Horizons for Building 4.0


Smart building Expo”, Rho (Mi) 15-16-17 of November 2017, speech by Silvia Ricci on the 17th of November at 2 pm, about the topic: “The digital revolution in design and planting: new horizons for building 4.0

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Flexibility and a strong connection to your needs, through decision-making immediate prospects and direct communicability between You and Us.

Task force of a large number of workers employed directly.

Strong specialization in the anti-seismic and important innovation projects in the sector.

Reliability Rating 2 recorded by a leading rating agency Dun&Bradstreet Cribis.

Company balance sheets certified by PriceWaterhouse&Coopers.

Adoption of the organizational, management and control in accordance with D.L. 231/01


RICCI S.p.A., impegnata costantemente a migliorare le proprie performance attraverso “l’attuazione” dei principi di qualità.

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Ricci S.p.A. opera da da più di 25 anni nella progettazione, realizzazione, ristrutturazione e manutenzione nel comparto edile.

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