Tertiary Management


Monte Rosa 91 has been reborn with a significant renovation project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and a new multifunctional concept dedicated to the entire city. Designed for work but also for social and cultural life, the complex will offer offices, shops, food & beverage areas and a hill with paths and relaxation areas.


Bernina 7 is the first building that triggers dynamics of life not yet found in the area of Scalo Farini. The building moves with a pioneering vision activating open dynamics, that is, those of an open system in dialogue with the present and future external context. Thanks to this project, the whole territory will undergo a profound transformation with the redefinition of the urban landscape itself.


ntervention aimed at the seismic improvement of the building named Building 14 through two phases of activity: demolition and reconstruction of the north area of the building and the seismic improvement of the south area. The intervention will be aimed at hosting offices and meeting rooms according to modern working environment guidelines.

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Restructuring and seismic upgrading as well as reorganization of interior, architectural and functional spaces, with an adaptation of environments and vertical connectives to the regulations in force.