Consolidamenti strutturaliThe operations performed by application of new materials such as carbon fibers are widely used due to high tensile strength, extreme lightness, speed in start-up. The issues addressed by these systems are of various kinds, including:

  • Currency-use facilities for support of loads not covered
  • Degradation of armor
  • Deans to cracking Retrofitting
  • Errors in design or execution..

Fasi di Lavoro Consolidamenti strutturali

The systems most commonly used in civil, are represented by unidirectional woven carbon filaments, glass or aramid (used for outside reinforcements in bending and shear, confinement for compression plates), carbon fiber bonded by adhesives thixotropic ( external reinforcement bending) and bars carbon fiber or aramid (internal bracing in flexion).

The fields of application are the following:
  1. bending and shear reinforcement on reinforced concrete structures
  2. reinforcements confinement of reinforced concrete structures
  3. garrison to cracking and reinforcement of masonry structures..

Not least because at least, appears to be the remarkable durability in respect of all those chemicals such as alkali hydroxides, chlorides and sulfates, which are present in concrete and masonry in the subject of ntervention.

Fasi di Lavoro Consolidamenti strutturali

The company has gained considerable experience in the field, especially in the use of carbon fibers and foils. The most important intervention was performed on a floor of about 3,000 square meters, it adapts to new operating loads, significantly higher than those for which it had been designed. For this slab were applied sull'intradosso sheets and carbon fibers (as best shown in the photos 1 to 3) and extrados cross section was increased by a jet of high-strength grout reodinamico, properly armed.

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