Ricci Spa, constantly working on improving its performances, with the aim to achieve planned targets, gives particular attention on issues concerning the respect of the environment and of the safety and security of the workers on the job site. Under the above mentioned objectives, the company has applied since its establishment a process that, on 1996, provided the ISO 9001 certification, and later, with the further improvement of the company performances, the ISO integrated management system certification.

The first aim of the Company is to train its employees and workers on Safety matters, by making use of Certified Trainers (CONSILIA CFO S.r.l.). Below the list of the last courses held during 2014 and 2015.


Each work site team will be composed of several workers, which activities must be properly managed, according to National Safety Standards. The Company procedure has the following steps:

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Value Added

Flexibility and a strong connection to your needs, through decision-making immediate prospects and direct communicability between You and Us.

Task force of a large number of workers employed directly.

Strong specialization in the anti-seismic and important innovation projects in the sector.

Reliability Rating 2 recorded by a leading rating agency Dun&Bradstreet Cribis.

Company balance sheets certified by PriceWaterhouse&Coopers.

Adoption of the organizational, management and control in accordance with D.L. 231/01

Ricci Spa Locations:

Headquarters - Rome:
Via Maremmana III, 25 00030 - San Cesareo (Rome) Italy
Office - Milan:
Via Leopardi, 1 20123 - Milan Italy
Office - L'Aquila:
Via Fuori Porta Napoli, 2 – 67100 L’Aquila Italy
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Ricci Spa boasts a history of solid experience in works that range from Tertiary Directional, from residential to automotive, from entertainment facilities for the hotel and resort to industrial buildings.

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