Ricci S.p.A. is an Italian construction company active in the field of renovation, new construction with special experience in seismic strengthening and real estate wealth & sporting redevelopment projects.


The company was founded in 1986 by Mario Ricci and Tullio Ricci, both already professionally active in the construction industry. Driven by a strong passion and spirit of enterprise, they decided to join and enthusiastically founded what today is Ricci S.p.A.
The "spring" that started it all took off in 1985, even before the consolidation of the Company. It was the vision of what would, from then on, become a consolidated trend: the birth of the first shopping malls.

Our history

7th April 1986

1986The company was formed in its first legal form: "Impresa Ricci S.n.c. by Mario Ricci and Tullio Ricci". The company immediately became established in the field of construction, always strong in the direct engagement of the owners. In many cases, in those years, real estate projects were carried out mainly in the hinterland of Rome, both with own investments and on behalf of other commissions. However, the real commercial breakthrough of the company took place in 1991, when Generali Insurance assigned to Ricci the facility management of its major real estate properties, located in Rome. This important commitment was the initiation that gave rise to the transformation of what was at first a family-run business activity in a more structured managerial business management. Preconditioning what would become, later on, an increasingly rigorous approach to work, aimed at continually improving quality processes in building and controlling what has been done never forgetting the human relationship with employees by the owners and their collaborators. Starting from the workers, it is always the fundamental pivot of the company, which still today has a considerable number in organic.


Mario Ricci


Started as a free professional, has thirty years of experience in the field of construction business, committed to the management and development of the company and looking forward to achieve new goals and ideas.

The Chairman

Tullio Ricci

Tullio RICCI

A structural engineer for more than twenty years, involved as a project manager on an international level in some of the finest engineering companies, accomplishing major projects.

The Vice President


Mario Ricci - The President

Tullio Ricci - Vice President

Michele Canditone - CEO


Luca Cassiani

Giosofatto Zimbè Zaire

Sergio Zavaglia


AVV. Fabio Foglia Manzillo

Mario Sassi

Andrea Meoli


Strategic Structure RICCI Spa


Organization Ricci Spa with a descriptive graphical representation of the structure of the company and the relevant organizational aspects.

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Business Areas

Ricci S.p.A. It is operating for more than 25 years in the design, construction, renovation and maintenance in the building sector.

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Know How

Structural consolidations with reinforcement of structures using carbon fiber by the high tensile strength.

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RICCI S.p.A., constantly striving to improve their performance through the "implementation" of the principles of quality.

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Health Safety Management

We're constantly working on improving its performances, with the aim to achieve planned targets, for respect of the.

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Ricci Spa Locations:

Headquarters - Rome:
Via Maremmana III, 25 00030 - San Cesareo (Rome) Italy
Office - Milan:
Via Leopardi, 1 20123 - Milan Italy
Office - L'Aquila:
Via Fuori Porta Napoli, 2 – 67100 L’Aquila Italy
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Ricci Spa boasts a history of solid experience in works that range from Tertiary Directional, from residential to automotive, from entertainment facilities for the hotel and resort to industrial buildings.

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